Wednesday, 21 March 2012

HanaCraftyWorld 1st Giveaway

Hanacraftyworld 1st Giveaway
Hi ! Here's another Giveaway by Hanacraftyworld. This is the 3rd giveaway that I'm taking part in. Some might ask why do i join. Well... the prizes that they're giving out is sooo tempting. I love crafts and especially crochet. What are the chances of getting the prize? Some giveaways are using a random picking engine to generate the selected winners. Some evaluates the contestants' creativity in promoting their giveaways. So... what is the real chances of winning??? I would say 50/50. If you try, you'll have a chance!

So like i always say "All fingers crossed and hope for the best!"


Hana said...

gud luck... :)

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