Saturday, 28 July 2012

Amigurumi Doll

Good morning friends.Let me show you this doll that I had custom made for a friend. My friend Iris requested that I make a doll for Pauline's son Troy. Troy loves his duckie blanket. Our friend Pauline is currently living in Alaska.

Well... I have to admit that this is a great challenge. Well.... it took me quite some time to get the doll done. I posted it to Iris and she posted it to Pauline. I'm so excited to know their reaction. She received the doll a few days ago and they loved it !

amigurumi crochet boy doll cute custom made Troy amazing results

Here's a look at the doll that I had completed. Took me some time to finish his hair.
amigurumi crochet boy doll custom made cute doll with duckie blanket pattern ideas
Here's Troy doll with his favourite Duckie blanket. Hehehe... I do like the duckie face.
Pauline took a picture of Troy holding this toy and guess what.... they do look the same !  Come visit me at my Facebook page and you can see the resemblance. :)

Thanks Iris for the great idea and challenge. Thanks Pauline and Troy for loving my work. Really made my day. Gives me the encouragement to continue on.


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