Thursday, 6 September 2012

Mr Blue Elf

Hi friends. It's a great day. Christmas is coming and although I don't celebrate it, but I love this season. Love the songs, love the decorations, love the spirit and love the season's sale.

Here's what I have been doing for the past few days and the results is... Mr. Blue Elf. 

Crochet amigurumi christmas blue elf pattern idea cute
His tiny head with pointy cap. Took me quite a while to get the right shape. Then his ears and body.
His feet and legs and arms
crochet amigurumi christmas elf pattern cute blue color
He's finished. Isn't he cute? I love his tiny feet. Here's a few more shot of him working... and getting ready for the big day.
Crochet Christmas elf bur pattern gift cute amigurumi

crochet christmas elf blue pattern amigurumi cute gift decorations
Enjoy ! Thanks for stopping by.


clreynolds12 said...

OMGosh he is sooooo adorable!
I would love to get a copy of your pattern. How much would you charge? please email me at clreynolds12(at)

Donna Gorske said...

Is there a pattern available for this cute little guy?

Lena said...

Donna - I'm in the middle of compiling this pattern for sale. If your interested, do e-mail me at Thanks !

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