Monday, 5 November 2012

Fun Crochet for Christmas

Hi friends. Christmas is just around the corner and what's more fun than making cute decorations for the home. I am a Buddhist and we don't celebrate Christmas but every year my kids hang Christmas socks in the house and wait for presents. On the morning of Christmas, they get surprises ! Haven't plan what to get them this year. Cracking my head now...

Anyway, I've done a few patterns for this season. Here they are.

crochet polar bear christmas pattern cute gift
Meet Mr. Polar. He's about 3 inches tall, with a red and blue scarf.
crochet christmas polar bear and christmas tree mini cute pattern
This is a mini polar, uses the same pattern as the above but with smaller hook and fine thread. He's only 2 inches tall. Made a cute Christmas tree too. 

crochet christmas mini pattern polar bear christmas tree gift
Then I put them all together in a frame. Here's how it looks like when finished. 
crochet cute mini christmas pattern polar bears and tree in a frame special gift
Something cute for this holiday season.

And what is Christmas without Santa rite, so I created this mini Santa hanging ornament.
Crochet amigurumi Santa Claus cute pattern hanging ornament gift
Enjoy and have a nice day.


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