Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Off to Hong Kong !

Good morning friends.

Here's another set of custom made wedding dolls for a very special customer from Hong Kong. At first I was worried about delivering dolls to overseas due to the high postage fees here in Malaysia. Anyway, I've decided to give it a try. Everything has to start somewhere and there's always a first time.

This custom made order is for a Wedding Bunny Bride with a Cat Groom. Throughout the whole process, I kept in touch with my customer... adjusting the design when necessary. And in the end, the finished dolls are just perfect for the lovely couple.

Now, they're on their way to Hong Kong. I do hope the dolls will arrive safe and sound for their Big day and the owner will be very happy to meet them. Looking forward for a wedding photo from Hong Kong soon.

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Anonymous said...

so cute n creative :)

Jom Blog Walking @ buatwanita.blogspot.com Tinggalkan comment tau! I will comment at your blog too kay ;)

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