Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Happy Teacher's Day !

   Today is Teacher's Day. I only got to know that after reading a memo from my daughter's school yesterday evening. I haven't buy anything for Teacher's Day yet ! Goodness !

   Frankly, after leaving school for so many, many, years ago... I seem to forget that 16th May is that special day for teachers. I still remember the old days that all the teacher will go from class to class for a light "jamuan" prepared for them and we would shower them with small gifts and laughter. The class blackboard will be filled with drawings and words and colors. Balloons... yes... balloons.

   I still remember my favourite teacher. She may be fierce and strict but she's a mentor for me and many of my friends. In the old days, we used to be scared of our teachers. But now, i see the students are very close to their teachers. Do you remember your favourite teacher? 

To all the teachers out there : HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY !


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