Thursday, 10 May 2012

How do you keep your yarns?

Hi there. Just to share with you some simple and yet effective way to keep your yarns. I love getting new yarns. New yarns means new pattern and new ideas to try out. Keeping them is quite tricky. I used to keep all my yarns in a basket. But even though i keep it neatly, it always seems to get tangled somehow.

I bought this fabric container lately. This type of organizing compartment is mostly used to store socks. I thought it would be handy to keep my yarns in place. And it really works. The cost for it is also quite cheap. Look at how easy it is now.

Simple yarn storage ideas easy tips
Yarns storage
See... it's now much easier. No more tangles. Try it.
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Aiza said...

Very good tips dear... u shd see how cluttered is my yarn's box. owwh shame on me

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