Friday, 11 May 2012

Wedding Bunny

Amigurumi crochet wedding bunny doll pattern gift

Amigurumi crochet wedding bunny doll gift

Amigurumi crochet wedding bunny doll pattern gift
Peekaboo... I see u ~ !
I've finished my Bunny Groom. So excited that i have to snap their pictures together and show to you guys. Aren't they cute together. This is my 1st trial at making wedding patterns. Both are 6.5 inches tall up to their ears. Post them in my Facebook page too.

Thank you all for your kind comments. I feel so happy whenever i receive a like in my FB. It really make my day that my work is appreciated. Thank you all !


Anita - AnniesGranny said...

These are simply adorable! A wedding couple receiving these as gifts can be very lucky!

Hanna said...

So cute couple! Is there any chance that I may get the pattern of how to do them? I wish to make a wedding gift to my aunt and she would love them!
Sincerely Hanna, Sweden

Lena said...

Hi Hanna. This pattern is quite small. The size is about 5 inches. Do e-mail me at : Thanks.

Dhavalivelupalalakshmi said...

Hi. Would i be able to get the pattern for these as well?

suhan said...

Could I get a copy of your pattern
My email address is

Anonymous said...

is there any chance I could possibly get this pattern please, my address is

Unknown said...

How can I gwt this pattern?

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